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TRENDWATCH IS UNIQUE! It's the only investment publication that includes a complete list of share in uptrend and downtrend - a fantastic investment tool. We even tell you how long the share has been in its trend.

Welcome to TrendWatch, an innovative fortnightly investment newsletter focusing on shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange. It's unique - it's packed with vital investment information that you won't find anywhere else.

These are big claims. So what’s so special about TrendWatch? Well, imagine a share – any share – that has doubled in value. Its long uptrend had to start somewhere, but you almost certainly missed it when it began.

But now imagine how much more successful your investing would be if you never ever missed shares that had just started their uptrend.
You’d be able to get in near the bottom, ride the uptrend until it started to break down, then take your profit.

Before TrendWatch, the only way you could find these shares would be to visually examine hundreds of price charts – and then you’d have to keep doing the same thing at, say, fortnightly intervals over and over again. You don’t have the time. Even if you did, it would drive you crazy!

TrendWatch has transformed the situation. This is just a taste of what you get every four weeks:

• A complete list of shares in uptrend and a complete list of shares in downtrend. So, at a glance, you can see which shares are on the move, either upwards or downwards. Furthermore, we send you three Weekly Updates during each four-week period to keep you bang up to date with what's happening on the London stockmarket.

• We tell you how long each share has been in uptrend or downtrend.

• The shares you’ll be most interested in are those that have just started their uptrend. We highlight those shares and give you our assessment of their merits.

• We carefully research the three shares that we believe show the most potential for capital appreciation and present our findings to you as detailed recommendations.

Mirroring our recommendations – buying what we recommend and selling when the share breaches the stop-loss limit that we set – is all it takes to build your wealth to levels you probably thought were unattainable.

Our investment record since 2000 is so good that your TrendWatch subscription is, in effect, free. It is likely to be covered many times over in the medium term by your investment profits. We have never failed to beat the market by a substantial margin.

IMPORTANT: Share prices can go down as well as up. You will not necessarily get back the amount you invested. The past is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Prices of some small investments may be especially volatile and the difference between the bid and offer price may be wide.